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Medicalization - Wikipedia Medicalization is a social process through which a human experience or condition is culturally defined as pathological and therefore treatable as a medical condition. The concept of medicalization was devised by sociologists to explain how medical knowledge is applied to behaviors which are not self-evidently medical or biological. The term medicalization entered the sociology literature in the 1970s in the works of Irving Zola, Peter Conrad and Thomas Szasz, among others.

Medicalization - Free Essays, Term Papers Obesity, alcoholism, drug and sex addition, childhood hyperactivity, and sexual abuse have all been defined as medical problems that are, as a result, increasingly referred to and treated by physicians. The problem, it seems, is that most of these medications don't actually cure anything. As recently as 2002, an editorial ran in the British Medical Journal warning fellow medical professionals of disease-mongering or selling sickness to perfectly healthy people. Medicalization has brainwashed people into thinking that somethings aren’t normal when really they are. As people age they are pushed to take all of these medications to stay young and feel good, when it should be socially acceptable to age. A good example of a way medicalization has been resisted would be demedicalization.

Medicalization Thesis - In the 1970s, Thomas Szasz, Peter Conrad, and Irving Zola pioneered the term medicalization to describe the phenomenon of using pharmaceuticals to treat mental disabilities that were self-evidently neither medical nor biological in nature. Even for those who are actually sick, there is still a great danger in marketing mental disorders or conditions as treatable: "Inappropriate medicalization carries the dangers of the unnecessary labeling, poor treatment decisions, iatrogenic illness, and economic waste, as well as the opportunity costs that result when resources are diverted away from treating or preventing more serious disease." Certainly, this is a controversial topic. It is the same for an essay and the main medicalization thesis body. Early in the morning or in the middle of the night, order a new composition and it will medicalization thesis be done in less than 24 hours. Delivered on time and well written. Another way of starting such an essay is to describe some event and then analyze its consequences.

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