Hindi as national language essay in hindi

Essay on “Hindi Our National Language” Complete Essay for Class 10. This year we have NVD on 25th January 2018, here is a sample content for essay or speech. Hindi Our National Language Essay No. 01 Hindi is our national language and English has been retained as Associate National Language, due to its insistent and persistent demand from South India where the people in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh.

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Essay on Hindi as the National language- advantages and disadvantages. But there is one more important day to be celebrated, that is National Voters Day. The significance of this day is to encourage young Indian voters to take part in the democratic political process. Indian constitution considers 15 languages as national languages and English and Hindi as the official languages. From the time before independence to present time, there has always been controversy regarding "One India - One language" and imposing Hindi as the national language.

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